New Look

june 22, 2002

Welp, since it's my birthday, I thought I'd change UltraMookie.Com just a tidbit. Yes, this is a new look for the site. It's called Blue-Grad. I like it because it's really light (not too heavy on graphics) and it looks damn good. :) The blue is a good color and is reminiscent of the old theme (still available for those of you who have accounts in the "Your Account" themes area. It's named Korporate.). The font used is a bit smaller, but that just allows me to cram more of my ramblings per page :) The front page now has the last 10 postings instead of the last 8. Let me know what you think about this new look. I found this new theme along with 13 others on a site named IndoDigest which I found through the PHPNuke main site.

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