Bush in Trouble, Another War Coming?

july 12, 2002

Well, it looks like lil George W. Bush has shot himself in the foot again. This time he's even got the VP in trouble too. It's all over the news, but you can get a gist of it in this AP Article. Looks like the same kind of low-interest loans that Bush was screaming about being bad, bad, bad is the kind that he took out himself whilst he was a director of a Texas oil company. This is the same kind of loan that he wants to ban now. Hmm...And the same thing for the VP too. Looks like Bush's already declining approval ratings will likely plummet even more. What a hypocrite. Sheesh. Mark my words, he's going to try to regain his popularity though and he'll do it by starting another war. I think the man will put troops in Iraq and start a war because, well, us Americans really seem to love war -- that is until a US soldier dies. But if we fight a virtual war -- you know dropping bombs from afar -- it'll be OK and Bush's ratings will go up. Mark this prediction down. The war in Iraq will start because of this idiot President. Sigh. I can't wait till 2004.

Pointing Finger At All Ya'll Who Voted For Bush: It's all your fault. You put this guy into office. Sigh.

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