New Palm Desktop Available

august 7, 2002

Palm just released version 4.1 of the Palm Desktop to the public. I just upgraded. Nice program, like always. I did my stint with using my PalmOS devices plus Pocket Mirror plus Microsoft Outlook -- it seemed natural because I use Outlook exclusively at work (forced to since that's what we use for email). But I've moved away from using Outlook for my personal calendar, contacts, memos, and todos. For the last few months I've been strictly Palm Desktop -- just like those years before that when I was strictly Palm Desktop, the Outlook thing was just a "stage" in life and that was really short lived.

Why stick with this aging entity? The Palm Desktop PIM (Personal Information Manager) dates back to the original Palm Pilot! Palm has been keeping the software updated and adding features, but in all essense, it's the same as the original version. I can take an original Palm Pilot and still HotSync it to the new version of Palm Desktop. It's amazing that a piece of software has evolved for so long and still stayed as useful as it has. So, why stick with it? Easy: Because it works great, it's fast, and it does only what I need it to do. Unlike Microsoft Outlook that feels bloated and does way too much stuff to be useful for just "a regular guy", Palm Desktop follows the KISS philosophy and keeps everything simple and accessible. That's why I keep using it.

Even if you don't have a PDA the Palm Desktop, which is available for download free at [url=" target="__palmdesktop]Palm[/url], is a great way to organize your life. Remember, it's FREE. Damn good software. For all you PalmOS device users, grab the new version. There's a new utility to delete duplicate records, more themes, the addition back of the and Expense app. And it looks like Palm made some minor cosmetic adjustments to the Desktop software.

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