Games I'm Looking Forward To

september 8, 2002

There are three games I'm really looking forward to. All three are driving games and each has its own style of gameplay (and just plain graphical style). Two are sequels and one is brand-spankin' new. What are these games? Well, I love driving games. That's pure and simple. Yes, there are other games that I like (FPS and Command and Conquer style RTS games), but driving games is what I love.

The three games are: [url=,11114,547928,00.html" target="__autom]Auto Modellista[/url], [url=,11114,561494,00.html" target="__burn]Burnout 2[/url], and [url=,11114,538175,00.html" target="__nfs]Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2[/url]. Of the three, I'm really looking forward to getting Auto Modellista. That game looks great! Burnout 2 is high on the list too. I just tried the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 demo on this month's Official PlayStation Magazine disc and it's pretty entertaining.

The one that I'm really looking forward to, Auto Modellista, is a cel shaded (meaning it looks like a cartoon, but is really a 3D game) driving simulator. That's right, it's a simulator on the lines of what Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec is. I can't wait for it because of the simulation part and also because it'll let me do something that GT3 didn't let me do: decorate my car :)

I loved the original Burnout and am looking forward to the new improved Burnout 2. It's said to have a better graphics engine and more detailed cars. I hope that Criterion uses some anti-aliasing in the game because that was a consistent problem with the first, the road "up ahead" was always jagged and was hard to tell if there was a car there or not (an important thing when you realize that you'll be racing into traffic a lot of the time!)

I own the original Need for Speed for the PC and have owned most of the follow ups. Hot Pursuit is my favourite of the PC ones and I'm glad that Hot Pursuit 2 is heading to the PS2 because since my PS2 there has been little to zero PC gaming. :)

Drive on peoples! Right now I'm still playing the ever playable Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec and am waiting to see when Gran Turismo 4 is coming out! Yay!

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