24 - Season One DVDs

september 13, 2002

Check it out everyone! It's 24 - Season One. Yup, the best show on TV last year is coming to DVDs on September 17! Did you miss "24" last season? I hope not, but if you did here's your chance to watch all 24 episodes. This was my favourite show of last season -- the must see show that I had to watch every week. The show is based on the premise that each episode is exactly one hour of one day -- the day is a continuous day that starts off at midnight and ends at midnight. There are big names in the show like Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Hopper, but it's not the big names that drive the show. It's the tense moments that the show is able setup, the twists and turns in the plot, and how the show is rooted in a genuine sense of reality -- something that a lot of TV shows can't claim. "24" is coming back for a second season this year, so this is a good chance to watch the first "day" of the show before the second starts.

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