Unlimited Cell Phone Usage

october 1, 2002

Nah, this isn't a spam-like sales pitch. I just picked up a Sony-Ericsson T206 phone from a new cellular carrier out here in the San Francisco Bay Area named MetroPCS. What MetroPCS is selling is a $35 per month all you can use cellular service. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Going to give it a try. The company is still growing and only has service in Atlanta, Miami, Sacramento and here in the San Francisco area. I was actually waiting for them to get here to the SF Bay Area after reading about them in a money magazine. Hope the service is good. The service is basically like having a home phone -- all you want local calling (for me within all of Northern California) and 5 cents a minute long distance calling. So since I only do local calling when I'm in town, this is a great deal. Will report on it more soon.

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