Return of the iBook!

october 13, 2002

Picked up my iBook today! I actually got the call from Fry's on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week telling me that it was ready. The only complaints I have are that there are some minor scratches on the iBook, the CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive is no longer flush with the unit, and it took so damn long to get the thing repaired. It looks like Fry's sent the unit back to Apple and Apple did some serious replacing with the unit. Here's what they replaced: Slim Combo Toshiba 8X, SD-R2102 (CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive that used to be a Sony), the motherboard, the bottom casing, and the keyboard. Yow! Glad to have the unit back! It's currently having Mac OS X 10.2 installed.

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