Retailers Reject BMX XXX Game

november 4, 2002

It has been in the gaming mags for months now, Acclaim's BMX XXX which is an extreme sports bike game. The twist is that the game features topless girls, strippers, pimps and poodles copulating. Sophmoric game? Yea. But banned game? I don't think so.

Wal-Mart, KB Toys and Toys R Us are rejecting the sale of BMX XXX while Best Buy is going to be selling a censored version. A Wal-Mart spokesperson, Tom Williams told Reuters, "We're not going to carry any software with any vulgarity or nudity - we're just not going to do it." Strange, these companies don't have any problems carrying games like SOCOM, Grand Theft Auto 3, Medal of Honor, and other violent games.

I think the retailers have lost their minds on what is right and wrong - or they are just plain hypocrites in their buying and selling of products.

Me for one would rather them sell naked boobs to kids than sell outright murder and violence. Maybe it's just me, but I think a little nudity sure beats the sight of multiple shootings and murder for kids.

Hell, if they were so adament about this kind of bad influence from games, shouldn't they not sell violent games also?

But, I think that retailers should really do what's right: Let the damn parents take care of their own kids. Stop trying to pick and choose what you sell on the basis of "right and wrong" when you're being a hypocrite and just let parents pick and choose what they want to buy for their kids. Maybe I'm just crazy...

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