New Book and USB FlashDrive

january 2, 2003

More geek stuff. Since I've made the switch from Microsoft Office XP to 1.0.1, I thought I'd pick up a book for it (yes, OOo is free, so there is no printed manuals, duh :) ). There's an OOo book coming out in January, but I don't want to wait since it is essentially the same book as the StarOffice 6.0 Companion, but with the addition of an OOo 1.0.1 CD. So, it's nice to have a manual for OOo finally and I can see how to do some cool stuff with it. I also picked up from Fry's a Butterfly Media 256MB USB FlashDrive today. I have a Sony 64MB MicroVault right now, but it's starting to get filled all the time. So, I decided to upgrade and get a nice bigger one -- there was also a 512MB version available, but I think that would have been total overkill. So, why Butterfly media over Sony, Iomega, and FujiFilm? Price. All these USB drives function about the same (the Iomega, FujiFilm, and [new] Sony are USB 2.0 compatible, the Butterfly Media one is only USB 1.1) except for pricing and included software. I don't need the software, just the hardware and all of my machines are only USB 1.1, so price was the deciding factor. I use JBSync to syncronize my documents onto the USB drive. It all works great. I'm going to find something to encrypt sensitive files soon.

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