Yawn, Another Chip In The Chip Wars

february 10, 2003

I looks like AMD has just released their Barton 3000+ chip. It also looks like it is causing a stir with Intel. The chip wars continue. My question is, do any of us care anymore? Here I am at home using a P3/800MHz. My work notebook is just a P3/800MHz too. And my personal notebook is an Apple iBook running a G3/600MHz. Do I want or need to upgrade? Nope. They are fast enough to run what I need without slowing down. I don't game on my computers and I think that's where the majority of these faster chips will go, into the computers of gamers. I think that I would still be in the upgrade race if I didn't have my PS2, but nowadays, I don't think anyone really needs a processor that has more horsepower than 1GHz. Yea, I sound like a Luddite, but it's true. Give me one reason, not couting gaming, that you really need a process past 1GHz. But, the chip wars continue...

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