Michael Jackson Versus Ozzy Osbourne

february 16, 2003

The Sydney Herald Morning has an interesting article on Michael Jackson (wacko) versus Ozzy Osbourne (wacko). It is a funny article. Gives good perspective to what good editting on TV can do to spin things. Is Michael Jackson really a wacko? Yea. Is Ozzy really a wacko? Yea, but it is all editted out for TV. About Jackson, why in the hell did he let the cameras follow him like that? If you are a weirdo, just be a private weirdo, especially if you were (notice past tense) a pop star. As for people talking about Jackson, me being one of the guilty parties, lets stop (soon?) because it is getting old. Just let that weirdo enjoy his money and his different lifestyle. The article states, "[i]Only the outrageously cynical could not feel sad for Michael Jackson's lost childhood.[/i]" And that is true. But, it is just sad that Michael (man-boy) cannot learn to grow up or at least deal with it. Maybe spending some of his money on a psychiatrist would not be such a bad idea. Blaming the loss of your childhood is one thing, but to blame it for turning out how he is now is another thing. I do not doubt that he is one of the most talented people of our century, but yow, [b]far has he fallen[/b]. As for Ozzy, he should be glad he has such a good manager around, his wife Sharon, to spin his life into such a money getter.

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