Microcenter and PS2 Controller

february 23, 2003

I stopped by Microcenter today to see what's "new" there (new in quotes because they really don't get anything new when it's new). I must say I was surprised by the Santa Clara store, they are transforming into an upscale WeirdStuff or Surplus Computers type shop. They used to try to compete with Fry's, but I guess they've given up hope in trying that now. A lot of the store is still selling regular merchandise, but sheesh, there is a large selection of used stuff in the store now (like a used $399 Dell Latitude notebook, some used $199 IBM workstations). It all feels somewhat run down now. I picked up a Logic 3 Top Drive Reactor controller for my PS2, just to try because it was only $5. It works OK, but I'll stick with my DualShock controllers. I'm still very surprised at where the Santa Clara Microcenter looks like it's headed.

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