How Does Bluetooth Work?

march 16, 2003

Well, I setup Bluetooth sync between my Tungsten T and my home PC and work notebook. It wasn't hard at all. I picked up a EPoX BT-DG02 Bluetooth-to-USB dongle at Fry's yesterday and started my "work". It wasn't much work, just needed to figure out how to pair the devices and once that was done, I just set my HotSync to sync to the Bluetooth serial port. That was it. Fast and easy. By the way, at Fry's the D-Link Bluetooth adapter ($49) was sold out so they only had a fancy looking IOGear ($69) and the EPoX ($39) one. It looks like the low priced one works just fine. If you've been looking around at the Bluetooth stuff that's been popping up -- the kick-ass SonyEricsson T68i phone, Microsoft's Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, the Palm Tungsten T, Sony's Clie PEG-NX90, and all sorts of other stuff -- and are interested in how Bluetooth works, check out this article.

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