Cool GBASP Stuff

march 30, 2003

So, the Game Boy Advance SP is pretty cool, but what kind of games are there for it that are Pokeman?? Well, here's three that are pretty awesome games for big kids :) I was a big fan of Metroid when I had my original NES and now there's Metroid Fusion. It's a direct decendent from the original Metroid line of games and it is a blast to play. Lots of action, lots of stuff to do. Cool story too. Everyone knows that I like to race and on the GBASP there's only one line of racing games worth talking about, those are the GT Advance games. The newest is GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing which is like a small screen version of Gran Turismo 3. Darned fun racing. And last but not least, who can't like Sonic the Hedgehog? He's made his way over from the defunct Sega hardware over to Mario's hardware, and he's still as cool as ever. Check Sonic out in his newest game Sonic Advance 2. Since I travel so much, these games give me the gaming-goodness on the road!

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