june 3, 2003

So, what does everyone (who has seen The Matrix: Reloaded) think of what happened at the end of Reloaded? Click more to read my thoughts if and only if you've seen Reloaded, there are spoilers. So, Neo was able to stop those squids in the "real" world at the end of Reloaded. What does everyone think about this? Does this suggest that there is a Matrix inside of the Matrix? Does it suggest that by being in the Matrix and learning to get past the limitations of the human mind, Neo was able to do his voodoo in the real world? What? What does it mean? I think that it would really suck if the Wachowski brothers pull the Matrix-in-Matrix plot twist. That would be some cheap way out of the predicament that they got the human race into (Zion gone, it's gone!!). Anyhoo, what are your thoughts?

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