Mozilla 1.4

july 7, 2003

Wow! Mozilla 1.4 is out and it is fantastic! It does everything that Internet Explorer does, plus a lot of what the shareware Opera does, and it throws in some stuff that it does all by itself. For instance, tabbed-browsing is built in. Why IE doesn't support tabbed-browsing is beyond me. Then there is pop-up ad blocking that's built-in. An email client that rivals Microsoft's Outlook Express and kicks the crap out of Opera's email client. The mail client also implements Baysian Spam filtering (see the posting from the other day for info on this). Very nice browser and the best part of it is that it is completely free. Give it a try, it can't hurt! You might like Mozilla 1.4 -- Skip the AOL ad-heavy Netscape 7.1 which is based on Mozilla 1.4. Oh and if you do try it and like it, get the cool theme named Crystal. It is very cool looking, much better than the default ones.

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