iBook Rebirth

july 16, 2003

Welp last night I decided to redo my iBook, so I wiped out the installation of Mac OS X 10.2 on my iBook and went ahead and reinstalled it so that I could have a nice clean system to play with -- my previous installation had all sorts of stuff scattered around on the drive because I was testing all sorts of software. Now that I have tested and found software that I like and will keep, I am rebuilding my iBook to the way that I like it without all the extra crap that accumulated on the previous installation. So far so good. Will keep you up-to-date on what's going on the machine so far. Right now I've taken IE off my Dock and am going all Safari. I just re-installed my Microsoft Office X (which took a dump the second I started to work on a document) -- I'm really looking forward to a native OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X. Right now they only have a X11 version of OpenOffice.org, I wish Apple would take some time and help out the OpenOffice.org team to get some hooks into the Mac OS X and get that Office product on this platform ASAP. Other than that my iBook is a standard fare install. By the way, instead of the 8-ball for an icon I chose the Orange slice. Cool!

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