Spin, Spin Mozilla, Spin

july 16, 2003

Well, Mozilla is spinning off from it's mother, AOL. So now mozilla.org will direct you to mozillafoundation.org which is a very nice website with lots of stuff trying to convince the regular joe to use Mozilla instead of IE. A good attempt since Mozilla (and Netscape) now have faster rendering, cross-platform support, and more features than IE. But do these things really matter when IE is installed by default on all machines and has 95% of the browser market share? I think so, I hope everyone else does too. I'm using Firebird exclusively on my Windows 2000 notebook and my Windows XP desktop. I was using Camino on my iBook, but started using Safari instead. Both are great for the Mac OS X platform, I just like Safari better though. If you haven't tried Firebird yet, give it a spin. It is free, it is fast, and it has pop-up blocking built in.

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