Buy a Cell Phone

august 19, 2003

So, you're ready to jump ship from your current cell phone company? Or you're just curious about the cell phone technologies that are out there? Or you want to see what customers of your cell phone company are saying? Or you want to find out what's new and coming? There are lots of sites that I've found that have this information. I like to visit the forums at to see what people are saying, they have some good information there in the forums and the forums are sorted by US regions. The information on the actual WirelessAdvisor pages outside the forums seem a bit dated and are not as helpful. The HowardForums are another good place to go to find good discussion about cell phones. They have extensive converage based on cell phone manufacturers and also by service providers. And lastly, PhoneScoop always has the latest scoop on new phone technologies and phone news. They also have a good web interface for the Usenet newsgroups that deal with cellular phones. Check out these resourses if you're curious about your cell phone or your future cell phone.

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