august 20, 2003

I wonder as I walk in the malls, are American's just cheap bastards? I know I am. I got tired of the whole paying for a cell phone business a while ago. I bought many phones like my first one was a Sony brick, then I got a Samsung, then I got a free replacement for my Samsung (Fry's Performance Guarantee), I bought my SonyEriccson for MetroPCS. But I finally got tired of spending a hundred plus dollars for a phone. Why should I? Do I really need a PIM (Personal Information Manager) in my phone? No. Do I really need a color display? No. Do I really need all the games and shtuff? No. Bluetooth? Not really, but would be nice. I mean, a phone is a phone and in a year that hundred plus dollar phone will be "last year's model" and you'll just want a new one. All cell service providers now, with the exception of pay as you go services (which require the purchase of a phone), have you sign a contract. In return for the contract you'll get a barebones free phone. One that works and in the case with [url=]T-Mobile[/url] they give you either a Nokia 3350 or a Samsung R225M. Both are great performers as phones. Instead of color screens or camera phones, what cell phone providers should work on is putting up more cell sites and giving us better reception and coverage (especially for indoors with GSM). What they should work towards is lower cost for service and better service for that lower cost. Reduce the cost of my cell phone and I'll be your customer forever. Yes, over the last few years cell phone service has dropped dramatically (I remember paying $49/mo to SprintPCS for the same service I'm receiving from T-Mobile for $29/mo now) but there is still some ways to go. There should be more nationwide coverage type services that charge like MetroPCS -- flat-fee all-you-can-eat cell service. I mean how many people get charged on their home phones by the minute? None. Or, let me bring up an idea that many have talked about: Caller pays for the minutes. If you call me on my cell phone, then you pay the charges for that call. If I call you from my cell phone, I'll go ahead and pay the charges. Seems fair to me. Anyways, my point is, yes we are cheap bastards here in America. Always demanding the best for less. And it is no different with cell phones. Did you get your free cell phone? Probably not, but I think that we collectively should ask that we get better service for the price that we are paying for our service. What do you think?

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