Stale Cookies

august 20, 2003

Internet Explorer 6.x is stale. It is old news when compared to Mozilla's Firebird and Opera Software's Opera browsers. I am wondering what Microsoft's strategy is with IE nowadays. They fought so hard to win the "browser wars" and after they had "won" they are just lying around and taking it easy while IE alternatives are coming up with good reasons to switch? I mean there is obvious stuff that Microsoft could fix -- one of the most annoying things with IE is that it can't print a page correctly. You know what I'm talking about, sometimes text doesn't get printed at the right-hand edge of the paper because it is "off the page". With Firebird the text is reflowed correctly and everything prints just fine. Opera introduced it and Firebird now has it too, but IE doesn't have tabbed-browsing. Why? I have no idea, tabbed-browsing is awesome. On the Mac OS X side of the house IE 5.x is getting really, really stale too. And on that platform not only is there Firebird and Opera snatching up the browser business, but there is also Mozilla's Camino and Apple's Safari. Is Microsoft just becoming lax with their browser? Have they given up on the market? If they have, then they have wasted a lot of resources "fighting" the browser wars because nowadays the Firebird is rising out of the ashes and killing IE hands down.

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