Once You Go Titanium...

september 12, 2003

Once you go Titanium, you won't go back. It is true. I was first sold on titanium when I saw Bud's wedding ring in the movie The Abyss. But, I did not really get my hands on a piece of titanium until I got my Citizen Skyhawk Titanium. The sales lady showed me both the stainless steel and titanium version and the weight difference is stunning! After that I was convinced that there was and is nothing better than titanium. My new watch, the Breitling Avenger M1 is titanium and I am glad because it weighs so little. Tonight I will be picking up my titanium framed glasses. And if all goes well, when Eileen and I get married next year, I will have a wedding ring that is titanium, just like the one that was in the movie The Abyss.

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