Cube Outsells PS2

october 9, 2003

Well, it looks like the Nintendo Gamecube outsold the Sony Playstation 2 by 20% last month after Nintendo cut the price of the Gamecube from $149 to $99. The Microsoft XBox was in an even worse position and was being outsold by the PS2 by a whopping 145%! (More than twice as many PS2s sold as XBoxs). So in the scheme of things last month the Gameboy Advance was number one (it is always at the top of the heap), followed by Gamecube, then PS2, then the lonely XBox last in sales. Analysts say that the Gamecube sales will drop behind PS2 sales soon. They also say that Microsoft better do something quick (meaning: drop the price on your XBox) to help the XBox survive because not only does the Gamecube have a much lower price ($99 for Gamecube versus $179 for the XBox), but Nintendo has a strong lineup of games coming out for the Gamecube this Christmas season. XBox could be left in the dust after this Christmas season if Microsoft doesn't do anything soon. For me, I could care less about the XBox since it is only a glorified PC that connects to a TV and if I wait long enough most popular XBox games will arrive on my PC anyways. Too bad Microsoft, you maybe out of the console business faster than you thought -- a bland console like the XBox put up against a popular PS2 console and then squished by the low-cost Gamecube console. There is nothing that makes the XBox stand out except for the fact that it is nothing but a huge black box that, well, acts like what it is: A stripped down Windows 2000 box that is hooked up to a TV.

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