Nokia 6610 Replacement Status

october 18, 2003

So, today the mailman showed up on my doorstep and delivered a nice brown box from T-Mobile. Ut-oh was what I thought. They must have shipped me the Samsung R225m instead of the Nokia 6610 because of the mix up from Tuesday night. I looked at the side of the box and it had R225 written on it. It looks like Wilbur was not able to get the ticket to the shipping department in time for them to correct the order. It looks like the unit, while still showing "Pending" in the system at the time Wilbur was looking at it, was actually shipped quite promptly on Wednesday. But, that's no biggie still because of the phone call that I made after receiving the box. I called T-Mobile Customer Care to talk with a rep about the situation and here's what happened that made me like T-Mobile even more as a company. I got Carl (or it could be Karl) on the line and told him the situation. He was an enthusiastic rep, and like all other T-Mobile reps very friendly and courteous. He understood the situation and apologized for the mix up. To set things right, he told me to just ship the Samsung R225 back (shipping is already paid because there is a label inside). Then Carl told me that he would ship the actual Nokia 6610 to me via UPS Next Day -- a $15 service from T-Mobile. [b]But[/b], here is what makes T-Mobile such a cool company: They will eat the cost of the shipping because they made the mistake of shipping out the wrong phone. I did not even ask for them to send it UPS, I would have been OK if they had shipped it USPS (three to five day). I was actually thinking that T-Mobile would ship it USPS, but no, they went ahead and are shipping it UPS for me and for free. Now that is how a company is supposed to take care of their customers! So, Carl told me that they will ship on Monday and at the latest I will have the replacement phone by Wednesday (the UPS shipping is 24 to 48 hours according to Carl, 48 being the very worst case). Bravo T-Mobile.

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