Nokia 6610...

october 22, 2003

I was so stoked that the 6610 may show up today on my doorstep from UPS. But, it didn't. At the same time the electronic buzzing and clicking has all but disappeared from my current 6610! So, I called T-Mobile to check the options with them. If they haven't sent it, they could stop the shipment and save some money. If they did, did I have to take the one that was sent? Or can I just keep my current one that I nostalgically still hold as "mine" whereas the one that comes in the mail would be a refurb and "someone else's"? The CSR let me know that my order was "pending" (that pending word again!) She didn't know if they had sent it or not, but when they do it'll arrive within two days. She let me know something that I knew already and that was there was a high demand for those phones, but she believes that the demand had been satisfied (end of promo). So, I told her my predicament and she let me know that if the phone is working fine, I could just keep it. Tmo just wants to get [b]a[/b] phone back, doesn't matter which one. So, I will see what I get on my doorsteps and how my current 6610 holds up. The production date on my 6610 is June 2003 and those are known to have comfort hiss problems, mine doesn't. If I get a 6610 that has a production date from September 2003, I'll go ahead and keep the new production date one. We'll see how this all turns out. I am thinking I jumped the gun on the handset replacement though. It has been an experience though.

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