Mozilla Suite

december 17, 2003

The other day I donated to finally after using Firebird for a while. I use Thunderbird at work for email. I am not switching from the technology previews (Firebird browser and Thunderbird mail) back to the stable release of mozilla, the Mozilla Suite 1.5. Why? I don't know. I do like Firebird and Thunderbird, but the suite sounds like a better idea. Especially right now when both of those are still technology previews (betas). They do eat up a lot of RAM resources when launched, when compared to the Suite. Also, the Suite has a cool feature, the ability to load into memory at boot and stay there. So, when I want to browse, it is always ready to go -- it runs a stub in the system tray so that when I "launch" the browser, it comes up almost immediately. Firebird and Thunderbird don't have this functionality yet. I am sure that it will be different soon. I also switch my iBook to the Suite from Firebird. I have stopped using Apple's [url=]Safari[/url] browser completely on my iBook now. Yea, it looks nice and runs fast but Mozilla is also quite speedy and with the [url=]Smoke[/url] theme for Mozilla, it looks pretty darned cool also. On the Mac OS X platform the icon for the Mozilla Suite is pretty cool. But on the Windows platform it is still that red lizard thing. I don't like that icon at all. It just feels geeky and old. I downloaded the [url=]Antiseptic[/url] icon pack and used the main window icon as the new Mozilla icon on my PC. Other extensions I have added to the suite are [url=]Total Recall[/url] which will save the state of all tabs when Mozilla closes (or crashes) and [url=]Cute Menus[/url] that add, well, cute icons to the menus. Have you tried Mozilla yet? It is definitely better than the security risk Internet Explorer and a very mature product. And unlike Opera, it is free. Mozilla is well worth a try, you can download it at [url=][/url]. And if you like it and continue to use it, I encourage you to donate to the Mozilla Foundation and help out the project. Oh, and spread the word.

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