Get Your PDF On

december 22, 2003

Who doesn't like distributing a PDF file? In the new 1.1 you can directly export to a PDF file from any of the applications. But, what if you want to do it from another application? Maybe you're one of those who has not discovered and are using the mucho expensive Microsoft Office suite. If you are, then you know that you cannot export to PDF from any of those applications. Well, I found something that is pretty cool, CutePDF from Acro Software that lets you print to a PDF file. It works pretty good, it sets up like a printer on your computer. When you want to make a PDF file, just go to File and Print, then select the CutePDF printer. It will ask you where to save the file and what the filename is, then you have yourself a PDF. The nice thing about PDFs are that they save the format of a file as you want it to be. And although people can edit the files with Adobe Acrobat or take stuff out of them, it does deter the common person not to just highlight, cut and paste your work from you. PDFs are pretty common now and if you want to make a PDF, CutePDF is the easiest and fastest way to do it. [url=][/url] And if you're still paying for and using that Microsoft Office, go discover the free suite which does the same thing. Most of us only use 10-20% of the features in Microsoft Office anyways

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