A Ghost In The Castle?

december 23, 2003

Check out this creepy picture of a closed-circuit camera at Henry VIII's old castle. The photo comes from this AP article. Is it a ghost? Or is it just some dude in a robe opening a drafty door? Vikki Wood, a Hampton Court spokeswoman says she has no idea who it is nor "what it is". How creepy indeed! The castle was home to King Henry VIII's third wife, Jane Seymour who died there giving birth to a son. Her ghost is reported to be seen flying around in the castle. Henry's fifth wife, Catherine Howard was held there before being executed for adultery. Her ghost has been seen floating around the castle too. There are also stories of King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell in the castle also. Sounds like a lot of floating spirits for one single castle. Or could it just be one of those crazed historians on a tour of the castle dressed like he was living in the Tudor period? Probably the latter based on Occam's Razor.

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