december 29, 2003

I just started writing in the Moleskine notebook that I picked up at Borders a month ago. It is one cool notebook, a bit on the costly side, but well worth it. I can open the damn thing up flat to write in and it stays together (it has acid free pages that are thread bound). I love the thing, it also has an elastic band to keep the thing closed, a bookmarker thing and a cardboard pocket in the back to hold clippings or notes. The pocket-sized ones are just a fantastic size, but if you want bigger they have a large size too. If you decide to buy a Moleskine to write in, I found that Barnes & Nobles website sells them for cheap and if you buy three ($9.95 x 3) then you qualify for free shipping. So that is quite a deal (no tax, no shipping and the cheapest cost for the books). Amazon doesn't sell them. I have seen the Moleskins in these retail establishments: Barnes & Nobles, Borders, and The Container Store (though The Container Store has them marked up to $11.99!). It is also said that Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, and Ernest Hemingway used Moleskines for their writings and drawings. Happy writing!