My Gameboy Advance SP

january 19, 2004

My first game console was a Atari 2600, which was great! I loved playing Kaboom! on the system. Then came the NES. But after the NES there was a long dark period where I did not have a game console. I did not get a Playstation at all, but I ended up with a Gameboy. It was like the original one but in black. But as much as I tried to like it, I just didn�t. My gaming continued on my PC, but not on a console. It was not until I saw Gran Turismo 3 that I was convinced again that I needed (OK, no one �needs� a console) a Playstation 2. A strange thing happened though. I started traveling for work and I ended up buying a Gameboy Advance also. I played the GBA on airplanes while I flew to different places and it was fun � but the silly decision not to include a backlight really hurt my enjoyment of the system. And in the end the GBA got shelved. When I found out about the Gameboy Advance SP, I was excited and picked one up on the weekend that they were introduced. And I have been playing my GBASP a lot more than my PS2. The games are not as sophisticated graphically as PS2 games, but as for fun, they are a lot of fun. The portability of the system is great and Nintendo�s decision to finally put in a backlight was awesome. I am surprised that the GBASP is so entertaining, even for a big guy like me, even though there are powerful systems out there like the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox. And there must be more big guys and gals like me who enjoy the system since there seems to be a mad rush to get a competitor on the market to compete with the GBASP. (The GBA family is the best selling console, followed by the PS2). Nokia has already released their lackluster candidate, the N-Gage, to market. No one took it to heart though since it was expensive ($300 versus the GBASP�s $99) and had some serious design flaws (having to open the back cover, take out battery, then be able to change games). Tapwave quietly released their Zodiac to market, it has generated some buzz, but not really anything big. Sony is next in line with there Playstation Portable, which looks to be an expensive handheld also. We will have to wait till late this year to find out just how good the PSP will be. It looks good for right now and the buzz is high about it. The initial cost maybe a lot though and that may limit people from picking it up. For now though, the portable and regular game console market is ruled by the GBASP!

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