Healthy Fast Food? Almost.

january 29, 2004

So, over the last few days I wanted to give the new healthy menu of McDonalds and Burger King out. They are now offering low-carb sandwiches and even meatless burgers. I tried out McDonald's offerings first. I had a Grilled Chicken sandwich on Wheat. It was not that bad, pretty tasty and the tomatoes and lettuce were really fresh. It was a bit on the bland side though. The next day I tried their meatless burger, which should be marked vegitarian, but they can't because the vegiburger patty may have come in contact with meat products during its cooking. The vegiburger was terrible. It tasted like I expected it to taste like: Cardboard between bread. Yuck! Today I got to try out Burger King's new low-carb (blah) Fire-Grilled Chicken Baguette and this thing was tasty! This is the winner of the three. They offer three versions of it, I got the Santa Fe but they also have a BBQ and a Honey Mustard. Of the three sandwiches, the Burger King sandwich is the best. Now if only they could make a somewhat healthy replacement for the fries! I mean with a meal you get the somewhat healthy sandwich, a diet drink, but then they throw in that huge box of french fries. Well, that just ruins everything! It is a good start for the fast food chains though. I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store in the future.

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