exim, exiscan, and clamav

february 18, 2004

I was emailing with my friend Ian Kluft (thunder.sbay.org) and we were talking about spam mail. And he got me thinking about upgrading my installation of Exim on UltraMookie.Com. I was running a 3.x series of Exim and it was missing some of the cooler features that the new (and not obsolete) 4.x series had. So I upgraded Exim to 4.30 last night. It was not too bad, the configuration file is completely different, but there is very helpful script (src/convert4r4.src) that you can put your Exim 3 configuration file through and it will spit out a nice workng Exim 4 configuration file for you. Ian also talked about Spam Assassin and Clam Anti-Virus for further protection. In order to use either (or both) of these, one must patch the source of Exim with Exiscan. So, I went ahead and patched the Exim source and rebuilt it - if you run into a problem with demime during building, save your Local/Makefile, then remove the exim folder and untar a fresh copy, repatch the source, place your Makefile back in Local, and build. I had Exim 4 built again with Exiscan and then I built ClamAV and got that all working. Now the onlything left is to install Spam Assassin, but that thing just boggles me. So I will research it a little bit more. At least there is some virus scanning going on now on the server! Yay!

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