Good Night For Now Tungsten T

march 8, 2004

I am, for the time being putting my Tungsten T in my desk drawer. Why? Using iSync, iCal and Address Book is working out well for me. The synchronization of my schedule onto my Sony Ericsson T610 is working well with iSync. Since I carry my T610 with me every day, all day long, it is advantageous to carry one less box with me -- so, for now, that box is the Palm Tungsten T. I will miss the extra functionality of the Tungsten T (like actually having addresses with me), but the tight integration of iSync, iCal, Address Book, and T610 is unbeatable. iSync and the Tungsten T do not like each other that well. I have tried over and over to get the two to work, but it has never been a happy partnership. I would lose contacts left and right when I tried to make them work together. If my contacts did not get lost, their information was all shuffled around. I understand that iSync needs to interface with the Palm Hotsync program to do the synchronization, but I wish it were more stable. Because I have truly switched most of my stuff from my Windows XP box over to my iBook, the integration of iCal and Address Book with different MacOS X applications is also a benefit of the new setup. My email addresses that are stored in Address Book are easily accessed in the Apple Yet, if I am on the road and want to use the built-in POP3/IMAP/SMTP application on the T610, I can access the email addresses also because they were sychronized over to the T610 via iSync. Very nice! If I am on the road and have access to an web browser, I can pull up my Address Book from my .Mac account. I can use all my contacts with the webmail at .Mac. My calendar is also synchronized up with .Mac and also on my own WebDAV account. If I use iCal on any machine (like my G4 at work), I can easily pull up my Home and Trips calendar. If I am on my work Sony VAIO notebook on the road, I use Mozilla Calendar to pull up my calendars for viewing. Now, if I didn't have any of those, I can still pull up my calendar on my T610 along with my phone numbers and email addresses. Not to forget, but Address Book integration goes well with the iChat application also! Apple has done a great job of integrating information across all different platforms. By using a standard for calendaring, they have made calendar information accessable from all platforms. By creating a service like .Mac, they have made all information that is important to me available on a secure website. And by putting together iSync, iCal, Address Book, and Mail, they have made synchronizing across platforms much easier. Apple is building a well thought out system that makes life much easier for all of us. Using my iBook at home and my G4 at work makes life much easier than if I were using a Windows box. And because of all this integration, I am able to put my Tungsten T away in my desk drawer because I can now carry everything I need on my phone. I will miss my Tungsten T!

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