Everything's Missing, Everything's Going Wrong

march 20, 2004

Bush-Cheney might as well call it a day and retire. Their campaign is spiralling out of control and there does not seem to be any end in sight to the tailspin. Everything is missing or going wrong: Where are them Weapons of Mass Destruction, George? Where are the jobs, George? Hey, how come your campaign stuff is made in a country that you put on a banned imports list? What is the exit strategy to Iraq? When can our troops come home? If rebuilding Iraq is such an important thing to you, why don't you do it more than half-assed and send enough troops over there to make a difference? What really is this "war on terror"? Every war has an exit strategy and an end-point, what is it for this "war on terror"? See, George, you have started lots of things you cannot finish, not even in a second term. Your policies do not work and your economic plans are not working either. You seem to care a hell of a lot more about the Iraqi people than you do about things here at home. Jobs have been lost here and not recovered. The economy has tanked and not recovered. But all you can talk about is this mysterious "war on terror" (which just means that you have agencies putting out fear messages every week and I have to stop at checkpoints in airports) and Iraq. How about you refocus and talk about your plans for America. What are you going to do to help spur on the economy and get people working again? Because all those silly $500 tax returns and your tax cuts did not do a thing. What's with the September 11 ads that feature a dead body draped with the flag and being carried by actors posing as firemen? That is just a sad (and in some ways sick) way of turning a national tragedy into an advertising campaign. What's with the racial stereotyping in your "100 Days" ad? Who is driving your campaign? And what are they thinking? The campaign that you are running is a joke and has already turned into a negative campaign. You are running on nothing but this "terror" thing and I do not see how that is affecting me directly when the economy is still so bad. Personally, I think that your war in Iraq (which has still not been justified because there were no WMDs there) has made the Middle East a more unstable region. Your taking out of Saddam Hussein has opened up the doors to the terrorists in that country and has caused more instability in the region. Is it as simple as my analysis of the situation? No, but from a mile high look down at the situation, that is how it is. Stop warmongering, start caring more about the people in your own country, and quit this negative ad campaign. No matter what you do, I will [b]not[/b] vote for you because you seem more concerned about war than anything else -- as seen by your blind rush into finishing your daddy's business in Iraq. You do not seem to care about America nor its citizens. Using fear (through your "war on terror") to try to say that you care is not working George. We want to see someone who can get results by putting people to work, by creating jobs in America, and even stop the offshoring of jobs. We want to see someone who cares about getting our economy back on track without putting our country in serious debt through giving measly tax returns. And that someone is not you.

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