So Much Content, So Little Time

march 25, 2004

There is so much content floating around the Internet nowadays that it is hard to keep track of it all. Visiting multiple websites and trying to keep track of what is new is becoming a chore. Well thank goodness for RSS because it makes life so much easier when coupled with a good news aggregator. The news aggregator of choice for me is Bloglines which lets me setup a blogroll and keep track of all my favourite places to read news at. The simple interface and lack of extra crap makes the site ultra-usable and a great resource. Yahoo! offers a beta of their RSS addition to My Yahoo! if you like to use Yahoo! for your homepage. Check that out at Yahoo! RSS. There are other paid news aggregators, but they run on a single machine and most run on only Windows boxes (no help for this Mac user) -- I want my content accessible from any webbrowser and right now Bloglines is the way to go. UltraMookie.Com is also available as an RSS feed that you can add. Just right-click and copy the address from the XML icon over in the right hand column and paste that into Bloglines to add the UltraMookie.Com RSS feed.

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