My Poor Solara

march 29, 2004

I got a tow this morning to take my Solara over to Piercey Toyota in order to get it looked at for damage from yesterday's accident. I got a call an hour ago from Piercey and it looks like the damage is pretty bad. Damaged header, damaged gaskets, damaged fuel tank, damaged muffler, damaged rear suspension, and some other assorted stuff. Chris at Piercey told me that it would be at least $1700 to do the required repairs and then some few hundred more to do the optional repairs. He let me know that I should contact my insurance company (AAA) and file a claim so that they can take care of the repair costs. So, I did. AAA was responsive and I am waiting for the claims agent to call me back about what to do next. I hope my precious Solara will be OK after everything is done to her.

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