Netflix Freak

april 5, 2004

Everyone knows that I love Netflix for my movie rentals -- because it is cheap and because I watch a lot of movies (I am even an investor in the company because I believe so much in it). This month's MacWorld magazine featured a blurb about a piece of software named Netflix Freak that is a Netflix helper application which runs on MacOS X. I gave it a whirl for the last few days and it is a pretty cool application, but I cannot justify spending close to a month's Netflix fee on the application. The application has some cool features in it like being able to sort my queue by dragging and dropping; rating movies quickly; shuffling my queue; being able to let others in a household rent movies and keeping track of that; being able to create catagories; being able to write notes on the different movies; and even being able to import my whole rental history. That is a lot of functionality that the Netflix website does not have, but I couldn't find anything of those cool features that was actually helpful to me. The ability to sort movies by dragging and dropping is a helluvalot better than the whole deal on the Netflix site, but I can live with the website. So, off my harddrive Netflix Freak went and I saved $15 on the registration. Maybe you will find the application helpful, so the link is above for you to try out the application -- it has a 30-day free trial period.

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