Fuck You FCC Song

may 26, 2004

Heh. Check out this funny song. It is titled "FCC Song all fuck". You can download it here, here, or here. Thanks to Will Parker for the links. Here are the lyrics: The FCC Song Here's a little number I wrote the other day while out duck hunting with a judge. Fuck you very much the FCC Fuck you very much for fining me Five thousand bucks a fuck So I'm really out of luck That's more than Heidi Fleiss was charging me So fuck you very much the FCC for proving that free speech just isn't free Clear Channel's a dear channel So Howard Stern must go Attorney General Ashcroft doesn't like strong words and so He's charging twice as much as all the drugs for Rush Limbaugh So fuck you all so very much So fuck you very much, Dear Mr. Bush For heroically sitting on your tush For Halliburton, Enron, all the companies who fail Let's send them a clear signal and stick Martha straight in jail She's an uppity rich bitch and at least she isn't male So fuck you all so very much So fuck you dickhead Mr. Cheney too Fuck you and fuck everything you do Your pacemaker must be a fake You haven't got a heart As far as I'm concerned you're just a pasty-faced old fart And as for Condoleeza she's an intellectual tart So fuck you all so very much So fuck you very much, the EPA For giving all Alaska's oil away It really is a bummer When I can't fill my hummer The ozone's a nogozone now that Arnold's here to say: "The nuclear winter games are going to take place in LA" So fuck you all so very much So what the planet fails Let's save the great white males And fuck you all so very much

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