Sony Stops Clie Production for Europe and US

june 1, 2004

Sony is stopping Clie sales for Europe and US markets -- it will continue to sell the current models, but no more after that. In Japan, Sony will continue with its Clie development and sales. Does this news sound alarms at PalmSource? Most likely since all they have left licensing their Palm OS is Handspring (which they have recently acquired) and PalmOne. With the onslaught of Microsoft Windows Mobile (crap) and Symbian into their space, PalmSource must be getting a bit scared. Their Palm OS is a pretty damn good OS, but I think they will have to start evolving faster than they are if they want to survive. Picking up Handspring and getting their foot into smartphones is a good first step, but they have not got to move faster. Symbian has a good chunk of the smartphone business and Microsoft continues to try to muscle its way into that market. PalmSource better hopes that Handsprint/PalmOne can come up with some good smartphones (like the Treo600) to hold onto the market.

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