Got The Dish

july 15, 2004

This will be a short one since I am just plain exhausted, more on this topic later though. Eileen and I just got our Dish Network satellite TV setup today. We ordered it through a special deal with SBC: No equipment charges, free installation, no contract commitment, free local channels and two free dishes. It's a great deal and all SBC customers can take advantage of it. We ordered it with the basic America's Top 60 and the optional Dish Player-DVR 522. The DVR 522 is not quite as fancy as a TiVo, but it does what it needs to do as a DVR and works rather well. The one thing I noticed was that there is a helluvalot of compression on most of the video coming off the satellites, especially on the local stuff (artifacts galore). We'll see how we adjust to the compression -- it does, however beat the fuzzy images coming off the antenna. More on Dish Network later on.

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