august 2, 2004

President Bush continues to push the idea that America is now safer because of his vigilance. Uhm, Mr. President, can you tell me how we are safer now when the "terror alert" rainbow colored fun scale continues to go up? America is not a safer place because of you President Bush, it is inherently a more dangerous place because of you. You squandered the sympathy for America that was gained from the September 11th attacks by going out and "pre-emptively" (you still have to explain that one to me) attacking other countries. The only thing your pre-emptive strikes did was made the world even more angry at America and the attacks stained the image of America. It turned us into a country that used to stand for "innocent until proven guilty" to a country that attacks because "we think you may be guilty". You have not made America safer, you have made this a more dangerous place.

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