More Series 60 Weirdness

august 31, 2004

Because I am using the built-in backup application (Menu->Tools->Memory->Options->"Backup device mem”) to test out if applications are compatible with my version of the Symbian OS/Series 60 interface from Nokia, I have found another funny bug in the system. After backing up using the built-in application, it seems to put some sort of lock on files. My Messaging is one of the apps that gets hosed because of this, it refuses to receive any messages because it thinks that the backup application is still running! I cannot even configure anything in the application because when I select something to be configured in the Messaging application it complains that I cannot do that in the middle of a backup or restore (which I am not). Strangeness. The only way to clear this backup lock? Reboot the N-Gage QD...

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