Mellel 1.8

september 14, 2004

On the heels of the Nisus Writer Express 2.0 release a few days ago, RedleX has released Mellel 1.8. It's again time for Word Processor Wars because the two have both added some significant features to their products. I'll be trying them out to see how them are. I still don't like Mellel's brushed metal look, but I am learning to like it. SubEthaEdit is still the fastest text editor for me, but for word processing maybe I'll try one of these two again. I am still not so secure in the fact that Mellel still saves in its own proprietary format, but thank goodness it has export functions. I took a quick peek at Mellel and it is still a speed demon. I tried NWX 2.0 over the last few days and so far the new features are great in NWX 2.0 but the speed degredation of the application is getting to be annoying.

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