.mac No More

december 1, 2004

My .mac account expires this January 1, 2005. I am not going to renew it. I used it a lot in the beginning to do backups, but I do those locally now -- much faster to a second Firewire drive and more secure than putting documents up online. The other features are neat, but not so useful. The email service was a bit unreliable, so I never used it that much. And for $9.99 at Yahoo! I get 2GB of email compared to the 250MB of space that is shared between mail and files on .mac. For webDAV storage, I have my own box running that, so I have unlimited storage. For calendars, I do that on my own server also. The address book syncing is a really nice feature that I cannot find anywhere else, nor have I found an Open Source package that does the same thing. But that alone is not worth the $99 renewal fee for the .mac service. The bookmarks feature...well, everyone has a bookmarks feature, mine are at Yahoo! right now. The free software is hard to beat (like Backup, WingNutz, and loops), but they were far and in between. Apple, like I have written before, needs to make the .mac service more appealing with features that are truly useful (and storage that is respectable compared to the current market) in order to hold onto subscribers (and to gain subscribers). Right now the $99/year premium for .mac service is not worth it.

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