Don't Bother To Ask The President

december 21, 2004

"Well again, I will repeat, don't bother to ask me," answered President Bush when hit with a difficult and hard question. And that wasn't the only time he said that during a press conference. Here is an interesting article on how our ("our" being used lightly) President is outsourcing his own job of answering the tough questions.

How long will U.S. troops be in Iraq? Ask Gens. Abizaid and Casey. What's the broad framework for Social Security reform? Ask Congress. Has the Iraq war improved the prospects for peace in the Middle East? Go ask the Palestinians. Every time he was confronted with a difficult question, Bush answered, Go ask someone else.
This is the man that you red states voted for? Thanks for sticking us with him and his administration for another four years. When a President is so incompetent that he cannot even take on the hard questions, I don't think he is doing a good job. How do you expect him to perform during a meeting with other world leaders? Will he continue this charade? If a world leader asks him about Iraq, will he just shrug off the question and tell the world leader to not bother to ask him the question? A real President should know the answer, this only goes to show that President Bush is nothing but a puppet for others. He does not know what is going on and he sure as hell does not know enough to be leading this great country. I blame all of you red states for this mistake and you red states should be ashamed of yourselves for voting for this guy.

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