Cheap Firewall

december 28, 2004

I was at Fry's today and saw an amazing deal, an Airlink101 AR504 firewall/router. I was looking for some network protection and found some firewalls from Netgear and D-Link, but the price on the Airlink101 was one that couldn't be beat. A friend of mine, Joe has been using Airlink101 stuff since he discovered them and he has had good luck, so it wasn't too big of a gamble to pick this firewall up -- and the sale price $9.99 (one day only, regular price $34.99) was unbeatable. It did not take too much to get it setup and running. I wish there were more inbound packet filtering rules (there's only 8, but they can be setup as ranges of IP addresses). It seems to work pretty well so far. Now the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station is working as only a print-server and wireless AP.

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