Sidekick Services Still In Flux

january 30, 2005

Well, it's 4:19pm and my Sidekick services are still in flux. Web, AIM, YIM, and Mail are all up and down all day long. I called into T-Mobile to check on the status. Brad in the wireless data group says that Danger's upgrade went through and that this is something separate. He says that the issue is affecting all of California and the East Coast. He did not give an ETA on when the issue will clear up, nor what the actual issue is. I think that it still has something to do with the upgrade since my Desktop Interface is a bit screwy still (the Contacts does not show my contacts anymore!). Well, in the good fashion of T-Mobile spirit, I was given a credit of $5 for the downtime, which is not bad given that a whole month's of Sidekick data is $20. I hope that the services come back up soon.

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