Logitech Wireless

february 6, 2005

Eileen and I picked up a Logitech Cordless Action Controler for PS2 which is great controller. We have a long livingroom and having the extension cord + PS2 controller cord running through the livingroom is unsightly. I have the Logitech Cordless Precision Controller for XBox and that is also a great controller -- I wish that it had the memory slot on the controller instead of on the base station though, since having it on the base station makes the base station big and also makes it difficult for me to hook up the Xbox Live headset. Anyways, the GameCube that we have is the only console without a wireless controller now, but we hardly have any games for it and don't play it much anyways (it is in the closet right now), that would get a Nintendo Wavebird if we ever started to play it a lot. Anyways, the Logitech wireless controllers are very sturdy and well worth the extra money you'll pay for them.

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