Mac mini Trojan House...It's Not The Bad Kind Either!

february 7, 2005

Here's an interesting article from Fortune magazine. In the article Peter Lewis details how the Mac mini is a (good) Trojan horse for getting Windows users to switch to the Mac platform -- it's all about the OS and the software that is included with the Mac mini.

If Apple can get the Mac mini in front of Windows users and entice them to try Apple's software, the Trojan horse will be a grand success. If it's just a new accessory for the iPod, or a bauble for current Mac customers, it could risk the same fate as the Cube: a stunning bit of design hobbled by limited power and limited expandability.
I think the Mac mini is an awesome Mac and is a good stepping stone for getting someone into being a Mac user. If they need something more powerful after that, there's always the iMac G5 or a straight up PowerMac G5.

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