My New Car

february 19, 2005

Check out my new Toyota Celica! Yes, and it is all pimped out. Oh, ok, if you can tell by the picture, it's not a full-size Toyota Celica, it's just a 1:10 scale remote control version of a pimping Celica. Oh well, it costs $49.99 regular price at Fry's, but it was on sale today for $19.99 -- so, I couldn't resist and picked it up. There were only three Celica's left, a boatload of Mazda RX-8s and Toyota Truenos left though. Nice little RC car, too bad it is raining outside...I keep ramming into furniture inside the house playing with the car. There are other pictures on my My Flickr site. Some cool ones with the room lights turned off and the car lights turned on. Yes, it is cheezy, but still kind of cool in a weird sort of way.

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